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Now that you’ve decided to purchase a pet bird, you have to decide on your feathered friend’s home. With so many shapes, sizes, and colors it might be little overwhelming when it comes to making sure you have a suitable home for your bird. Though the choices and options may seem endless here are several guidelines to keep in mind when choosing a birdcage:

1. Placement, You’ve heard that phrase, “location location location” when acquiring your own home. Same can be said for birdcages. Decide on which area your bird will occupy and find a cage that would fit and blend in with the specified portion of your home. Keep in mind that the birdcage should be placed away from windows and drafts but still in a socially active place so that your pet bird will have plenty of affection and interaction.

2. Size, Once you’ve decided on a location, make sure your pet has plenty of space. What might work for Canaries and Finches may not work for a Macaw or a Parrot. The bird cage you acquire should have plenty of walking space for your pet bird as well as enough space for it to extend and flap its wings. Keep in mind that essential accessories like food bowls and perches also take up space. Bottom line, you want to get the largest birdcage possible so that your pet stays healthy and happy.

3. Bar spacing, Bar spacing is another important factor to keep in mind. As much as you may love your bird, you definitely don’t want it to fly to the unprotected world outside. If you plan on getting a small birdcage for birds such as lovebirds and parakeets, make sure that bars are no more than half inch apart. Those with larger birds, such as Parrots and Cockatoos, would fare best to get a large birdcage with its bars placed horizontally rather than vertically....