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1 Product(s)

Parrot Cages

Parrot Cages Come in All Sizes to Keep Your Pet Healthy and Comfortable

If you are a bird lover who has added one or more feathered friends to your family, you’ll want to know the best size in parrot cages for your particular type of bird. Whether you’ve chosen small parakeets or love birds, a medium-sized African grey or you’ve opted for the extra-large hyacinth or green wing macaw, your beautiful friend needs the proper size and bar spacing for good health and comfort.  The playful Quaker breed, though small, will need plenty of room to play and entertain you.

The general rule in cage size is to purchase a large cage with the proper bar spacing so that your bird can’t force his head through the bars and is then unable to pull his head back through to the inside.  The minimum width of the cage is 1.5 times his wingspan.  Make sure the cage is wider rather than taller since birds tend to fly back and forth rather than up and down.  Your bird’s tail feathers should not touch the sides to prevent damage while he or she is on their perch.

Do you have a corner of a room available for your pet’s home?  You can purchase an aviary that fits perfectly.  You can find them made of acrylic and stainless steel.

You’ll discover cheap and discount homes for your pets for sale online where nearly every question you might have is answered, including the best way to travel safely with the new member of the family.