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  • Suncatcher Triple Garden Bird Aviary Configuration

    Suncatcher Triple Garden Bird Aviary Configuration

    Sale Price: $9,350.75

    List Price: $11,688.99


1 Product(s)

Cockatoo Cages – Size Means Everything

Keep one word in mind when comparing cockatoo cages for sale—large.  This beautiful, sociable and intelligent bird ranges in size from 12 to 20 inches in height, and the ideal size of his cage should be 2 times larger than his wingspan for ease of movement.  Your new pet loves to climb, so purchase a home with horizontal bars that are 1/4 inch apart to keep him from sticking his head through the bars and choking.

You can’t buy this type of bird and expect it to sit in his aviary quietly all the time and be ignored.  Place his new home where he can interact with his human family or he will continually squawk, pluck out his feathers or bite.  You must give him the time and attention he demands or he will become very unhappy and a pet from hell.

Choose your pet’s home with bars suitable for a parrot because he has a strong beak that can bend weak steel.  You shouldn’t have a problem finding cockatoo cages online at an affordable price.