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  • 80"x40" Double Macaw Cage in Stainless Steel

    80"x40" Double Macaw Cage in Stainless Steel

    Sale Price: $4,279.99

    List Price: $5,349.99


1 Product(s)

Canary Cages Make Comfortable Homes for Your New Pets

Canary cages are small in size because this little songbird (only the male sings) needs just enough room to move around freely.  The birds are named for their original home, the Canary Islands in Spain.

Canaries are a favorite pet bird for the beautiful singing that goes on most of the time.  Many people breed them for fun and profit; however, breeding them isn’t the easiest thing to do.  The male is usually ready to mate before the female, resulting in the male being very aggressive.  That’s the time to separate the pair until the female has built a nest and becomes more receptive to the male’s advances.

A flight cage houses several birds, provides multiple perches and allows full flight.  This type of bird house is healthy for your pets since it allow them room to exercise.  You can find these and other canary cages for sale online for lower prices and convenience.