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Pagoda Parrot Cage

Pagoda Parrot Cage

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    The cage features 2 large front doors which open down landing-style, as well as 2 large side doors for additional access to pets. The roomy round roof design and exterior playtop area give birds plenty of space to stretch their wings! The pull-out bottom grille & tray make cleaning quick and easy, and the rubber casters allow the cage to be moved from room to room or indoors/outdoors. The solid cup doors & rounded corner seed guard help contain mess, and the two-tone black and pewter hammertone finish is elegant and durable. The cage includes 3 solid wood perches, 3 stainless steel cups. Each front door measures 13.5' L x 13.25'H; each side door measures 9'L x 7.5'H.
  • The large Pagoda cage measures 36"L x 27 1/2"D x 61"H (67"H with the playtop opened) with 5/8" wire spacing, making it ideal for smaller birds such as cockatiels & conures, as well as larger parrots.

Additional Information

Bird Cage Style Playtop Bird Cages, Tabletop Bird Cages
Bird Type Cockatoo Cages, Macaw Cages, Parakeet Cages, Parrot Cages
Material Wire
Bar Spacing 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch
Brand Prevue Pet Products
Bird Type Parrot Cages, Parakeet Cages, Cockatoo Cages, Macaw Cages