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Find the Right Cages & Accessories for your Birds

Man’s fascination with birds of all shapes, sizes and colors has inspired him to make them a part of his home by domesticating them and housing them in bird cages.  In turn, we get to experience the birds’ sweet songs, beauty and intelligence in our environment and feel an added richness in our often-routine daily lives.

Many birds are adaptable to being made house pets to be loved and pampered by their owners.  Bird cages are designed to give birds the best home possible especially if your pet will be spending most of her time inside the cage.  Some bird cages are designed with horizontal bars for those birds that like to climb.  Flight cages, in contrast, are large enough to allow birds to fly and flutter around!

Also quite popular are aviaries, which are bird sanctuaries for either the indoors or outdoors.  They are large enough to house several birds of the same or different species (if they can play nice!)  and some are large enough to allow a human to walk in.  Extra large bird cages are designed with large birds like macaws and cockatoos in mind.

Two materials typically dominate bird cage construction:  stainless steel and acrylic.  Stainless steel is easily kept clean and sanitary with the use of environmentally-friendly cleaning products.  It’s also toxin free for the long life and health of your pet.  Acrylic is just as easy to keep sanitary with the added benefit of a clear material that allows your pet to see his human family better as well as providing you the same pleasure.

There are a great many types of bird cages for sale simply because different types of birds have widely differing needs and sometimes require bird cages that cater to their species’ idiosyncrasies!

While we carry many cheap bird cages, cheap doesn’t at all mean equate to poor quality; it simply means that there are bird cages for less available online that are just as good as bird cages sold at ridiculous markups in physical retail stores and we can’t let those deals fly the coup when you’re in need of a bird cage!

As bird lovers ourselves, we here at want to make sure that you receive the discounts that only an online merchant can offer and we keep our friendly and knowledgeable staff available for live chat in case you have any questions.

Featured Bird Cage Products

Choosing The Ideal Bird Cage For Your Feathered Friend

While we'd all love to give our pet birds unrestricted freedom, that would most likely result in their flying away!  The best we can do, then, is to provide our feathered friends with a spacious and fun place to live.  Our bird cages range from the no-frills types to highly decorative bird cages and we even carry playpens where your birds can frolic around as if they were in a playground!  Perhaps that's one of the reasons why invite these capricious yet beautiful creatures into our homes - they remind us of our uplifting, playful nature. 

Your larger birds, like cockatoos and the more sizable parrots, will need large bird cages with plenty of space to move around and feel like they can stretch unfeathered.  Oops…unfettered, that is!  Of course, we also provide high quality, durable bird cage stands for your pet bird. 

Bird breeders rejoice because we have a great selection of breeding cages to facilitate breeding, while the truly ambitious pet owner (and his birds) will appreciate our full-sized aviaries!

A fundamental instinct for birds is perching and our fantastic selection of bird perches, playpens and toys keep your bird entertained and in a good mood.  We've also got you and your birds covered with extra opaque bird cage covers that let both you and your pet get some sleep! 

We believe that our love of birds shines through in what we do here at and we hope that if you have any questions or concerns, you'll take advantage of our live chat feature to speak with one of our dedicated staff.  Thanks for shopping with us!